Saturday, 7 April 2012

Swishy Swathes

Garlands of flowers and leaves now festoon the shelter shed near the Tropical Dome at the Gardens ... and more are currently under construction for display in other places around the Gardens.

I am really grateful to my cousin Gay McEwan and my friend Joanne Jayne for helping me make such a wide variety of flowers and leaves.

These 'botanical beauties' show some of the techniques I plan to incorporate in my artworks during my residency ... knitting, crochet, felting, applique, embroidery, dyeing, printing and collage.

Margot MacManus (Visitor Services Officer at the Gardens) kindly climbed the ladder to help hang the bunting. I'm very grateful for her help, because I couldn't cope with yet another broken leg or ankle at present!

I hope you think they look great!
Please visit and see them (and me) 'in person' .... and say hello if you're there this week while I'm doing children's school holiday activities (see the details in my previous post).


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