Friday, 15 June 2012

Wreaths, flowers and other things ...

The pressure is on!   Time is short!

My exhibition starts next week (21-29 June in Richard Randall Studio). This is a display showing the progress of my residency to date.

Tomorrow we start celebrating the Winter Solstice (the shortest day of the year).

I hope you can find time to visit.

At present, my favourite quote of the day is
I love deadlines....I love the whooshing sound they make as they fly by!


Everyone is invited to come and make wreaths this Saturday and Sunday, next Monday and the following weekend (10am-3pm). Everything is supplied and it's free, but you are welcome to bring your own supplies if you so choose.
Wreaths are a symbol of continuity and the cycle of life, so we are celebrating the progression of the seasons and, following the shortest day (and longest night), we can then look forward to the blossoming of new growth in the Spring.


Join us making decorative covers for candles at 5pm next Thursday (21 June).
Candles are a traditional part of Winter Solstice ceremonies, shedding light in the darkness, and reminding us of the importance of the sun for continued life on earth.
At 6pm there is a Fete de la Musique performance by the Deep Sea Divas (one of many musical events throughout Brisbane on this night).


In one of my very first blog posts I outlined the progression of my year in terms of a Farmer's Calendar (because 2012 is the Year of the Farmer) .. and I said that during the month of May my plans and projects would be sprouting, and in June everything would be growing nicely.

Well I guess you could say that the plants haven't yet reached full maturity... but they have definitely put out roots in many directions, and have been fertilised regularly thanks to my many friends who are working on collaborative projects with me.

Do you remember reading about my "Flowers of Friendship" project?

I sent out 900 squares of calico and asked people to make a flower using their favourite techniques. I thought I'd be lucky if I got 50 or even 100 returned.
I have been totally blown away by the response - in every conceivable technique, many different colours, and made by people aged from a 2 year old youngster to a sprightly lady of 91.
Even though I asked for them to be finished by the end of April, I am still receiving them in the mail (two more came yesterday!)

Now the panic is on to sew them together so they can be on display by next Thursday ... wish me luck with that one!
If you made a flower square for me, or know someone else who did, please come and see them as 'works in progress' at my June exhibition, and I promise they'll be all be properly finished for the November showing.

I previously posted photos of the first ones I received, so here's some more....

Did you think that was all?

but wait, there's more....

My friend Jill Brose helped me arrange them aesthetically.
We arranged them all first by colour, then by technique, and all this took many hours!


Now I'm busily sewing them together!

But so far only one is completely finished .. well almost!
At least this one has a binding and a rod pocket, but it's still tacked! 

PLEASE COME AND SEE THEM (and many more things) at Richard Randall Studio next week.
Bring your friends.
Here's the dates again ...  21 - 29 JUNE ...  just in case you've missed it when I mentioned it before!

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  1. Hi Tricia, hope your exhibiton went well and so sorry I didn't get there, but my deadline is also looming! cheers, Sue