Wednesday, 29 February 2012

My Productive Year Begins ….

2012 is the “YEAR OF THE FARMER” so I’ve decided to define my year with reference to the farmers’ and gardeners’ growing cycle.

January … FALLOW
  •  I spent the month thinking about the residency and which of my many ideas I should try to do during the year … a daunting task!
  •  I spoke to some of my many friends who work in a wide range of mediums, and we discussed ideas for collaborations and projects.
  •  I’m starting this blog to record of my residency, and this is all new to me, so I’ve been on a steep learning curve!
Now the real fun begins … I hope you’ll stay tuned!

March … SOWING (and maybe even some sewing too!)
  • The seeds of creativity are now planted in my mind-field. Many projects will get underway, some as solo creations, and others as collaborative ventures.
  • For the remainder of the year I’ll be working at the Gardens on the first Tuesday and third Monday every month. Please visit, say hello, and watch me working with my friends.
  •  View my work on display throughout March at Indooroopilly Council Library (level 4, Indooroopilly Shopping Centre)
  • Tiny shoots will begin to appear as evidence of the productive year ahead.
  • Watch for progressive images of my ‘Flowers of Friendship’ project and other exciting developments.
  • Activities for children (and young-at-heart adults) will be happening during the Easter school holidays.
  • View my work on display throughout April at Corinda Council Library (641 Oxley Rd, Corinda)
  • The shoots are growing longer, nurtured by the inspiring backdrop of the Gardens environment
  • And the roots are developing nicely too – stretching out in all directions gathering nutrients from the fertile minds of my creative friends
  • View my work on display throughout May at Toowong Council Library (level 4, Toowong Village Shopping Centre)
  • This will be a busy month with many activities and projects
  • World Environment Day will be celebrated on 3 June.
  • Winter Solstice Celebrations will occur (16 – 24 June).
  •  I will stage an exhibition of my work to date in Richard Randall Art Studio (22 – 29 June).
  • A chance for the young ones to enjoy time in the Gardens with Far Out Forests activities (3 – 5 July). 
  • Other exciting school holiday activities will also be scheduled.
      The Gardens will burst into life with the promise of Spring.
  • Paper cranes and cherry blossoms will decorate the Japanese Garden during Japan Week.
  • Skilful spiders will spin magic webs to grace the trees.
  • During the holidays, children will have many opportunities to create and play
  • All my projects will be nearing completion, and no doubt I’ll be working hard this month to get all the finishing touches completed.
  • This will be a marketing exercise to encourage people to come and see the fruits of my labour during the year. 
  • I will be staging an exhibition in the Richard Randall Art Studio (6 – 15 November). 
  • The residency culminates with a display of my work in conjunction with the botanical artists (29 November – 2 December).  

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