Saturday, 10 March 2012

MARCHing on …

Well it is now March, and I did say in my previous post that I would begin working on some collaborative projects!
On the first Tuesday and third Monday every month at the Gardens, you are very welcome to watch these creations unfold as I work (and play) with my friends.

My friends Lyn and Sue are joining me to explore a range of textile techniques. These will be incorporated into a forest scene which will be on display in my November exhibition.
At our first ‘play day’ we decorated many different fabrics using Shiva Sticks (oil-based fabric crayons).
We created some great leafy and bark-like textures by rubbing over textured surfaces. We also stencilled and drew designs on fabric.

Here’s a future challenge for all my readers … and you will need to remember this until November!
When you see our completed 3D hanging, if you can recognize any of the pieces in this image (above on the right), the first person to point them out to me will win a prize!

Please come and watch us at our next ‘play days’ as we make more additions for our collage.
We will be working in the Auditorium at the Gardens on 19 March (silk painting) and 3 April (wet felting) and 1 May.
See some of my other work on display, talk to me about the residency, and maybe even purchase some of my small works (prices start at $2).

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  1. Like your header, Tricia - but the video didn't want to work for me - will add a link on my blog - hope you're having fun with all this!!